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SALE: Order a month of episodes from 2017 on DVD for just $2 or save even more money and get all the available 2017 episodes for just $15.

For those who watch LifeTalk online, you may not know that can get your favorite 2017 episodes of our monthly show on DVD for just $7.95! But act fast because we only produce a limited quantity of these DVDs. (Note: Selecting the All Available option means you are placing an order for all the episodes that are still in stock.)

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January 2017:

Special Guests:
-Jeremy Wiles discusses his powerful pro-life short film: Sing A Little Louder
– Janet Porter, President of Faith2Action, reports on the situation in Ohio after Governor John Kasich vetoed the Heartbeat Bill
– Mark Harrington of Created Equal shares about reactions to their campus outreach and a recent encounter with a school principal.

February 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:
– Planned Parenthood claims that they have received 300,000 donations since the elections alone. If Americans are truly supporting them by the thousands, then do they need our taxpayer dollars?
– Is there more to come from the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives over the sale of aborted baby parts?
– The on-going attempts to shut down pro-life student groups, websites, and the pro-life message.
– A think tank’s plans to create division in the Catholic church and change the churches position on key issues – including abortion.
– Election Analysis: How the Democratic party’s love of abortion is hurting them.

March 2017:

Special Guests:

– Troy Newman of Operation Rescue talks about the loss of Norma McCorvey
– State Representative Tony Tinderholt discusses the new pro-life Texas bill that has people threatening him.
– Debbie Case, Executive Director of Hope Life Center, shares how the war on CPCs in her state has caused her clinic to close.
– Rochelle Focaracci, the co-editor of ‘Girl Scouts, Why Not’,  reveals the Girl Scouts USA’s hidden connection to Planned Parenthood.

April 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

– Fact Check: Planned Parenthood, Mammograms, and the 3% Statistic
– Scientist are now attempting to grow life in a lab! What this means for the future of IVF babies…
– A local abortion clinic has a pro-lifer falsely imprisoned! Plus more blatant attempts by the pro-choice side to deny pro-life community’s right to free speech.
-By fighting for personhood, is the pro-life side buying into a pro-choice argument?
– The Vatican allows eugenicist and supporter of forced abortion, to give speech at Catholic Environmental Conference

May 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

– Chimps, Robots, and now Rivers can be persons, but not the unborn?
– Maryland robs money from it’s poor to give to Planned Parenthood
– Tom Lauren’s viral flip-flop on abortion
-Can someone be a christian and pro-choice?
– A student movement to bring free abortion services to the college campus.
-Massachusetts Attorney General singles out a local advertising agency
-Attempts to destroy the Pro-Life Movement from Within

June 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

-Trump Eases Speech Restrictions on Religious Groups and Non-Profits

-Pro-Choicers Don’t Love “Choice,” They Love Abortion

-Feminist Gloria Steinem Claims Declining Abortion Rates Leads To Climate Change

-What Christian Schools And Planned Parenthood Have In Common

-Could There Be Infiltrators In The Pro-Life Movement?


July 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

- Fetal Pain Doesn’t Determine When Life Begins

- Why Judicial Bypass for Abortion Is A National Scandal

- Athletes Get Pregnant To Boost Performance Then Abort

- The Reality of Repeat Abortions

- Introducing The Campus Project


August 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

- The Jaw-Dropping New Video – “It’s Just A Choice…”

- Censorship of The Pro-Life Message On Facebook & Twitter

- British Courts Sentence Baby To Die

- Artificial Placentas, No Lights No Sirens, and Fetal Remains

- Why Pro-Lifers Should Reject Exceptions for the Health of the Mother


September 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

- Why Pro-Life Arguments Don’t Always Work

- Aborted Baby Parts In Vaccines?

- Effects of Vaccines On The African-American Community

- Planned Parenthood Could Soon Be Embedded In Pennsylvania High School


October 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

- You Can’t Be Pro-Choice and Christian

- Museum of African American History Tries to Deny Free Speech

- Medical Board Suspends License of Abortionist Caught With Baby Remains in Car

-  Love Isn’t Enough To End Abortion! + Attacks Within the Pro-Life Movement


November 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

- The True Nature of the American Abortion Industry & Why It Can NEVER Be Cleaned Up

- Why Going On The Defensive Over Congressman Tim Murphy Is Unnecessary

- How Roe vs. Wade Paved The Way For Euthanasia And Other Attacks on Life

- Shady Characters & Atrocities Within The Abortion Industry

December 2017:

This month’s hot topics include:

- Congressman Cohen Calls African-American Pro-Life Activist “Ignorant”

- Ongoing Scandal Within The Church Is Leading To The Acceptance Of Abortion

- Abortion And The Military

- A Crowd Gathered Outside Planned Parenthood Last Weekend…

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