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The May 2017 Episode

Mark Crutcher, Renee Hobbs, and Stephen Broden discuss the latest abortion related news and politics.

This month’s hot topics include:

– Chimps, Robots, and now Rivers can be persons, but not the unborn?

– Maryland robs money from it’s poor to give to Planned Parenthood

– Tomi Lauren’s viral flip-flop on abortion

-Can someone be a christian and pro-choice?

– A student movement to bring free abortion services to the college campus.

-Massachusetts Attorney General singles out a local advertising agency

-Attempts to destroy the Pro-Life Movement from Within

Featuring Special Guests:

-Sidewalk counselor Sharon Fullilove talks about the babies saved at California abortion clinics.

-Pro-Lifer Lynn Mills discusses the cover-up of Cree Erwin’s death



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