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The March 2017 Episode

Mark Crutcher, Renee Hobbs, and Stephen Broden discuss the latest abortion related news and politics. This month’s hot topics include:

  • Troy Newman joins the hosts by phone to take a moment to remember Norma McCorvey who was made infamous as ‘Jane Roe’ in Roe v. Wade.
  • Is Neil Gorsuch pro-life? His membership to a pro-choice church with pro-choice clergy has some pro-lifers doubting.
  • Life Dynamics showcases their up-coming Pro-Life Intel Operations Training DVD set, and the new LifeTalk live series, LifeTalk Now.
  • And the hosts explains what it REALLY means to be pro-life.


Featuring Special Guests:

-Troy Newman of Operation Rescue talks about the loss of Norma McCorvey

-State Representative Tony Tinderholt discusses the new pro-life Texas bill that has people threatening him.

Debbie Case, Executive Director of Hope Life Center, shares how the war on CPCs in her state has caused her clinic to close.

Rochelle Focaracci, the co-editor of ‘Girl Scouts, Why Not’, reveals the Girl Scouts USA’s hidden connection to Planned Parenthood.


Featured Links:

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Siege, the NEW groundbreaking book by Mark Crutcher. A must-read book for any pro-lifer ->

Learn More about the connection between Girl Scouts USA and abortion at ->