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On this month’s episode of Life Talk, Pastor Stephen Broden joins the cast to discuss the latest in pro-life issues. We take a moment to remember important pro-life icon, Sandra Cano, who’s case before the Supreme Court was just another lie in the effort to legalize abortion. Topics discussed by the panel include the accessibility of abortion in Texas, how the pro-abortion ACLU is defending a black pro-lifer’s free speech rights against the NAACP,  the effect that Birth Control has on the environment, a shocking report by the American Academy of Pediatrics urging IUDs for young girls, church leaders who defend abortion, and the Mayor of Houston’s subpoena to local pastors! American Life League’s Michael Hichborn shares their latest report on Catholic Social Injustice. Plus, Michael ends his interview with an important announcement you cannot miss! To read ALL’s latest report visit:



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