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In this episode of Life Talk, things get lively when Mark and Troy discuss what makes any politician pro-life. Also, the shocking truth that 33 states allow a rapist to have parental rights; and New Mexico’s quest to stop this in their state. The hosts also discuss the touching story of a father in China who handcuffs himself to his daughter to prevent a kidnapping. Don’t miss the special guest interview with Dr. Matthew Harrison who performs reversals to RU-486 abortions! Other topics include: the loss of Jack Willke and Br. Paul O’Donnel, Strickland shaking up the Texas capital with his former fetus sign, Planned Parenthood’s Media Person of the Year awards, and Pro-Lifer’s denied marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


The April Episode is now available on DVD to buy for a limited time!

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