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In this month’s show, the co-hosts jump into the hottest topics on social media, beginning with the undercover investigation on Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts that has everyone talking. The cast also discusses how Abortionist Willie Parker also makes the news comparing what Dr. Nucatola is going through to Jesus’s trials before his crucifixion. Other major discussions include: Pro-Choicers trying to silence the pro-life message, Ted Cruz proposes legislation requiring retention elections for Supreme Court Justices, abortion pills delivered by drones, and more!

This month’s special guest, Clenard Childress, the director of L.E.A.R.N. discusses their latest successful protest of the NAACP convention.

This month’s hosts are: Mark Crutcher (President of Life Dynamics), Renee Hobbs, Troy Newman (Operation Rescue), and Destiny Herdon DeLaRosa (New Wave Feminist).

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