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Life Talk introduces two new hosts! Mark and Renee welcomes Melissa Conway and Elizabeth McClung of Texas Right to Life as permanent co-hosts!

Missing Carol Everett? Mark explains why Carol has had to leave the show.

Have women’s health and safety been abandoned for the sake of abortion? The hosts discuss how the recent Supreme Court and states have made legislation that protects abortion at the expense of women.

Plus, Mark shares about how DIY abortions is not a new thing. Learn about “Self Help” Groups, DIY abortion kits, and who’s behind it.

Finally, see the hard-hitting pro-life video that has people talking. Mark shares a new video from Life Dynamics that will give you chills.


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Siege- The NEW book by Mark Crutcher

Learn about the women killed during  “Safe and Legal” Abortions at: Safe &

Learn about the CDC cover up of abortion deaths in the book, Lime 5

See the REAL pro-choice movement at:

Learn about America’s hidden epidemic at:




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