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The July 2015 episode of Life Talk is filled with the hottest abortion related news and discussions! Texas abortion clinics closing because they can’t meet the same regulations as other surgical centers. Plus, Texas Governor signs legislation cutting off Planned Parenthood from state funds for cancer screenings. The cast also debunks the myth of overpopulation, Freakonomics, and discusses how some countries are paying citizens to have children.  Also, a private school takes a trip to a sex shop and a woman threatens pro-lifers “1 Million Dollars or I Abort”. Finally, the cast discusses the South Carolina shooting that has shocked the nation.

This month’s show features special guest Catherine Davis, the founder and president of the Restoration Project on the recent “Black Women Matter” march in Selma, Alabama.

This month’s hosts are: Mark Crutcher (President of Life Dynamics), Renee Hobbs, Father Frank Pavone (Priests For Life), and Destiny Herdon DeLaRosa (New Wave Feminist). Blynda Lane delivers this month’s Life Talk News!

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