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In a time where women are “un-choosing” abortion and clinics are closing, abortion advocates are thinking outside the box to expand the demand for abortion. Watch Mark and Renee discuss the pro-choice group that is delivering RU-486 by drones.

Are pro-choice politicians feeling the burn? Despite mass amounts of cash poured into their campaigns, they are loosing big in current elections across the country.  Meanwhile, in Poland, advocates for choice are donning their best coat hanger shirts, jewelry, and bringing along a real coat hanger to protest the current abortion laws.

Christians across the country will be traveling to participate in the 25th anniversary of the Summer of Mercy. But one “pro-choice christian” claims that God isn’t pro-life… Watch the interview with Rusty Thomas as he explains the significance of the Summer of Mercy and his efforts to expose the current genocide on minorities to those in the African-American community.

Click here for more information about the Summer of Mercy event and/or Operation Save America.


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“No tax dollars for disabled” says Bio-Ethicist

Mark explains why someone can’t be pro-choice and Christian ->

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