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A new Oklahoma bill states that performing abortions is “unprofessional conduct.” Life Talk hosts Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs points out all the unprofessional conduct that happens in the abortion industry on a daily basis, including the New Jersey abortionist who fired three clinic workers for being pregnant, and the world-wide epidemic of Sex Selection Abortions.

Can we “agree to disagree” with people who are pro-choice? Mark and Renee reveal the flaw with this statement and explain why pro-lifers have a duty to discuss abortion with others. Plus, Mark reveals that the pro-life movement is experiencing the “rubber-band effect” and what this means for the battle ahead…All this and more on the new episode of Life Talk!

Do you think pro-lifers should just agree to disagree on the abortion issue? Let us know by submitting your answer in the poll below!


The next episode airs: May 12th


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