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Should primates be considered “persons” with legal rights? In this month’s show we recap on court cases around the world that focus on “personhood” for chimpanzees. Other special topics include: New Home Test For Down Syndrome, An Abortive Mother Speaks Out on Her Abortion, Bioethicist Doesn’t Want to Pay for Disabled Babies, and a new study that reveals Babies Feel Pain Like Adults.

This month’s show features two special guests! Our first guest, Ryan Bombarder of the Radiance Foundation, shares how the NAACP tried to infringe on Free Speech and lost.  And our second guest, Attorney Frank Manion of the ACLJ, tells about the battle against unlawful Buffer Zones in Newark, NJ.

This month’s hosts are: Mark Crutcher (President of Life Dynamics), Renee Hobbs, Father Frank Pavone (Priests For Life), and Destiny Herdon DeLaRosa (New Wave Feminist).


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